Decoding Real Estate with Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

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What is Real Analytics?

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What can Real Analytics do for you?

Use actionable insights to capitalize on arbitrage opportunities
Find property that meets your specific parameters anywhere in urban & peri-urban India
Get alerts of any changes in development, demographic or valuation trends for any property

Our Technology

Artificial Intelligence
Our AI bots scan satellite data to identify and annotate on-ground reality for eg. reclaimed dried lake beds that could become prime real estate This annotated data across India’s urban landmass expands our proprietary dataset
Data Science
Real Analytics’ datasets include public data such as land records, urban plans, demographics etc and alternative market data sources such as market price estimates & forecasts from brokers Our data scientists aggregate this complex, fragmented data to derive hidden insights
Geographic Information Systems(GIS)
Our expert GIS team geo-references or location tags all this proprietary data ensuring that our clients have access to real estate insights that are location & time relevant
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